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"Obvious Desires" - Request/Birthday gift for pleuvoir

This is kinda late, but this is a birthday present for mah friend pleuvoir. She turned 16 as of yesterday, so hopefully this will make your 16th a bit sweeter! Enjoy! =3

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Title: "Obvious Desires" for pleuvoir
Fandom: BLEACH
Characters: Renji + Rukia
Genre: Romance, Adult
Rating: R~NC-17
Summary: Renji and Rukia enjoy a summer night, in which it won't only be warm in the outside air.
Disclaimer: BLEACH ish not mine. I'm just pimping Kubo's work. =3

Warmth in the summer air. Dark blue in the night sky. The pure smell...of romance. Tonight's breeze was very faint, for the wind chime in Rukia's window was barely shaking. It was very quiet. So quiet, it was enough to hear the light smacking of lips by the window. Renji and Rukia were seated together, basking in the moonlight. Their arms were wrapped around each other and were constantly changing position. Every now and then they would tilt their heads. Eventually their tongues visited each other and through their mouths.

Renji sucked gently on his beloved's tongue before pulling away. "...Rukia," he aid softly to her as he took her whole cheek into his palm.

The girl titled as Rukia was a fair and petite girl with the humbleness of the forest and skin as soft as snow. It was no wonder Renji was in love with this girl, because he could stare into her eyes endlessly.

But furthermore, Rukia's body didn't seem to have the best foundation. She looked as if she could be crushed into pieces from a tight grip. This gave Renji a reason to want to hold her, because Rukia needed a protector despite her strength. She needed a man. She needed Renji. She needed...

"Oof! Renji..?" Rukia said following Renji's rest on her shoulder. It wasn't too long before Renji's head slid down gently over her chest, listening to her light heartbeat. It was a sign of affection, no doubt. Yet soon it would turn into something more...as Renji's large hand gently slid behind Rukia's shirt to cop her breast with utmost care.

The winter maiden's face immidiately turned red, feeling Renji's warm palm. "What...why?" Rukia questioned softly.

Renji had no answer for her, nor did he plan to answer her with words. He continued rubbing her breast softly as he trailed his tongue over her other, following in light moans from Rukia.

Someone like Renji wouldn't be too enthusiastic about "foreplay", especially since he was badly urging to envelop Rukia in the presence of his body. It wasn't long before Renji was covering their naked bodies with a sheet. "Rukia, this is important to me. Tomorrow there's going to be a dangerous Arrancar investigation. Its best we do this now before there's any regrets."

Rukia knew what was coming for her. Eager yet shy, she slowly allowed Renji to part her legs. "...okay. This is okay with me," she said softly. Her eyes were shut tightly, for she didn't know the strength of the force that was going to thrust into her. It seemed many moments of silence and no movement, almost minutes. Rukia slowly opened an eye to check if her love was alright.


And to her luck, that's when Renji decided to make his move. He had a firm grip on her waist as he slowly moved himself in. "Agh..."

When Renji pulled his waist back, the actions repeated with his waist movement.

Thrust, moan, groan, back. Thrust, moan, groan, back.

"Ah! Ah...ah...Renji..!" Rukia strove to whimper out. No one could blame her, for the thought of Renji's manhood within her sacred temple had been in her mind before. It had been in Renji's thoughts for that extent as well.

Thrust, moan, groan, back. Thrust, moan, groan, back.

"Ah...agh...ngh!" Renji's expressions of pleasure were more concealed, but it was only to keep up with his tough disposition. He truly thought that this was worth doing. He thought that this felt good as well as romantic.

Thrust, moan, groan, back...thrust, moan, groan, back..!

They both wanted this to happen. Why else would they agree so eagerly? It could be viewed as lude and personal, yet it was something very deep for the romantic line. The warmth, inside and out...

Thrust, moan, groan, back..! Thrust, moan, groan, back! Thrust, moan, groan, back!!

...they knew it was an obvious desire.
Tags: adult, bleach, drabble, requests, romance

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