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29 July 2008 @ 04:48 pm
"Name" - Request for ah_anime18  
This is a Naruto request for ah_anime18. Remember!
Ω Commenting is required if read
Ω No flaming, just structured criticism
Ω If you like what you say, watch angel_scribbles

Title: Name
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: Comedy/Crack
Characters: Yamato, Naruto, Sakura and Sai.
Rating: G~PG
Summary: Yamato stumbles on a furry surprise, sharing his discovery with his students. [a request for ah_anime18
Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. I'm just pimping Kishimoto's scribbles. =3

Morning was highly coveted among the inhabitants of Konohagakure. The reason why can vary among one person to another, but the best eye to follow in that sense is a shinobi's. Shinobi not only look at the "picture" but also move back and squint closer. It would be no surprise that someone like Yamato was enjoying the morning hour of seven. He calmly canvased the streets of Konoha.

"Always with the morning. The start to a new day is so mysterious - it can give us hints of the rest of the day or make you want to explore them," Yamato said softly to himself as he looked up at the morning sky.

People were around but not in plentiful amounts. This scenery would be perfect now, for Yamato was going to stumble onto the beginning of his day.


"Yamato-daijou, what did you call us here for?"

"Say, what's in the box? Is it something suspicious?!"

Just as Yamato was beginning his day, he found something on the street. For some reason, he was driven to call together his team - Naruto, Sakura and Sai. While in Yamato's room, there was a peach colored cardboard box in between them.

"I called you all here because I found something on the street early this morning," Yamato said almost gravely.

Naruto turned away with a grumpy expression. Yeah, way early in the morning. I was still sleeping and you didn't even wake me up for something like a mission!

Compassionate as always, Sakura spoke almost as seriously as her sensei. "So what's inside? Is it dangerous?"

"Not quite, but...you'll see," Yamato replied as he gently removed the lid of the box...

There, in the very center, was a tiny white puppy that was curled up into a deep slumber.

"Ahh, a puppy! Its so cute!" Sakura practically squealed out in surprise from seeing the fuzzy animal. Immidiately, Naruto lightly pushed his teammate aside and looked inside the box. "A puppy?! Wow, cool! Can we keep him, Yamato-daijou?!"

Yamato had a light smile on his face. He was slightly proud that his students liked his discovery, but also happy from their enthusiasm. "Well, that's exactly what I'm getting to. I was wondering if any of you could keep him."

"I can't, my apartment doesn't allow pets..."

"Damn, neither does mine..."

As the two teammates looked down slightly saddened, Sai slowly stepped up to the box. His hands slowly reached inside, gently picking up the puppy without waking it. He softly rubbed his furry head with a gentle finger.

"...I'll name him 'Screwball.'"

With great rage Naruto and Sakura scolded Sai with angry passion, having Yamato's hold on them as the thin line between Sai and Sai in crutches.

"Sai, you BASTARD!! You expect to name an innocent dog Screwball?!!"

"Both of you calm down!" Yamato demanded as he held onto them enough to sizzle down a bit. "Now if we're going to name the dog, we should hear everyone's opinions."

Naruto stood immidiately. "We should name is something heroic like Hiroshisuke or Yuzashi, or Goku!"

"No, it should be something soft-hearted like Ama or Kaoru!"

Sai went up to Yamato, offering the puppy in his hands. "Take Screwball back, I think they might be upset at me."

Yamato looked down at the sleeping puppy as he caressed it gently in his palms. Sure, he was a strong shinobi. But he couldn't resist the cuteness from a fluffy friend.

"...Tony. His name's going to be Tony."

As "Tony" echoed through everyone's minds, the little dog awoke from its long slumber.

Writer's Notes:
-To ah_anime18, you can probably guess why Yamato wanted to name the puppy Tony. That idea was all for you. I hope you enjoyed it. ^o~
Tonyah_anime18 on July 30th, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
oh oh oh
em em em
gee gee gee!!!

Mind if i save it to my computer! this is amazing!
Awww poor Sai..."screwball" hes trying...yamato-kun
is sooo sweet to name the puppy tony! <3
thanks soo much razzberri-chan

watch out cuz the next fic i request from you will be heavy in combat and jutsu lmao

but ill let you regain your fic writing powers
♫ THE PATIENT POKEMON ♫: akito-cuterazzberridust on July 30th, 2008 04:06 am (UTC)
Heh, of course! Feel free to keep it. I'm really glad you like it. And I wouldn't mind if you requested more fics, at least I'll have something to write. X3