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The 10 Genre Fic Meme - LxNaomi

I snagged the 10 Genre Fic Meme from fellow LJ-er redbrunja (who did a beautiful job with it, especially with her SaiSaku-ness~.) This 10GenMem is made for my favorite and neglected Death Note pairing, LxNaomi. Enjoy! =3

Author: Me, razzberridust
Rating: G through NC-17
Characters/Pairings: LxNaomi
Warnings: AU/OOC, mention of and performance of sexual acts, short Death Note/SSBB crossover, dark elements, and a fic that you can be a part of! >=D
Word Count: 515 (total)
A/N: The link that Naomi gives L IS clickable and it leads to what she sent L.

Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible.

1. Angst

Naomi never though she would cheat with her colleague.

2. AU

There was some loud "music" going on as the muffled sounds of band number 18 blared through the backstage walls. Behind the drums, L was strumming her gently.

3. Crack

L was once again at his laptop. His bony finger clicked everywhere on the keys, then taking a moment to study his findings.


An e-mail had just been received. The detective slowly rolled his finger on the mouse pad. The message was from Naomi Misora - probably an update on the murders.

L, I have stunning new information on the case. An attachment is available here.

Just as expected. L clicked on the link his colleague provided.

...alas, a ruse. Once too many now. He did not realize anything like this would happen to him. The mysterious young man yielded a rare smile. It wasn't too long before the keys were in motion again.

I accept your challenge, Miss Misora.

4. Crossover

With the Smash Ball now in reach, Naomi knew she was done for.

5. First Time

L had been surprisingly quiet during the whole thing. But as he felt Naomi's pallet slip away from his cock, he let out an exasperated groan.

". . . this is the first time I've done this to a man."

Almost as if the act never occurred, L looked rather blank. After giving a moment however, his words served otherwise. "In that case, I am extremely impressed."

6. Fluff

"I thank you for sending me this package, Miss Misora. What's inside?"

Naomi's head wavered a little. "See for yourself.

Following suit, L began to dig into the gift bag that Naomi had sent to him. Just the feel of his palm against the raw plastic made him a little excited - what was there to be given? He was lucky to have been excited for good reason.

"I heard you like sweet things. I think you'll appreciate that variety pack."

He felt like a kid again.

7. Humor

Just to let you know, you get hard in the rain.

8. Hurt/Comfort

Being an agent of justice always had its toll. You'd expect splitting of your morals, stubborn masterminds, and bullets - you have not lived if you haven't been shot before. Whether it be an untimely, quick shot from nowhere. Or maybe if the barrel was laid against your temple, your own blood splattering against your cheek as you were deafened by the blast. Held by a mindless murderer, or a once-trusted ally.

Now you know why L goes bang.

9. Smut

It started with chocolate syrup. A simple spill gone bad. Very bad. Then it was followed by a lick. The hot tongue caressing the sweetness on her face. Things got creative, as that chilling cream was slathered onto both of their bodies. Their lips were inseparable now - their fondling was mutual. His crafty fingers, her firm hand. Having sundaes had never been so sweet.

10. UST

It was so obnoxious of him to suddenly force himself onto her - and in a public place at that matter. As she guided him to the police station, she still didn't know how to take it.
Tags: death note, meme, multi-genre

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