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Bed of Flowers [Pokemon]

Title: Bed of Flowers
Author: Me, razzberridust
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Natane (Gardenia)/Hikari (Dawn)
Warnings: Femslash, lemon
Word Count: 511
Summary: Natane leads her latest challenger to her sanction behind the gym. There, it is revealed how merciless mother earth really is.
A/N: More yuri...this one's actually dedicated to hautalken. It's a thank you for that Kratos drabble. Also dedicated to obiremortem, since he likes this pairing. Enjoy. =3

So simple, yet a little challenge. A young spark was what she saw. So she has won this time. Not like this was the first time it happened. But every time it has, it was only procedure. This time. . . this time, she was inspired. At first it was an innocent gesture. Sure, there was tea. Wonderful in fact. Herb of mint washed against their pallets as they enjoyed each other's company. Little did Hikari realize that she would enjoy Natane's company much more than here.

It started with her hand. They joined together, Hikari being led to Natane's rest room in the back of the gym. "Such beautiful flowers!" she had remarked. Such beautiful flowers indeed. Just like you, my precious blossom. The forest-friendly gym leader's mattress was covered in several petals - red, white, lavender, pink, a whole rainbow of flora. Hikari rested her bottom to gently crush a few of these petals. The sound of these withered flowers crumpling almost set off a trigger within Natane. "These is a really nice room."

Yes, very nice. You're beautiful, so innocent, so . . .

Then it was proceeded by the push. Skeletons of nature flew up into the air as the mother earth herself forced herself onto her guest's body. Desperate and confused cries coming from her were silenced as a hot tongue forcefully passed through her soft lips. Natane's mouth was strong and passionate. Her fingers were also very hasty.

No matter how hard Hikari tried to escape her perpetrator's grasp, there was no avail. Natane was obviously older, stronger and sturdier than her. She couldn't compete with her measly, un-toned body. Her eyes were about to give out. About to, until. . .

T-the scent of these flowers. . . why, what. . . what's going on. . ? !

Petals draping over her nose. The sweat and tears dripping down to her neck. A pair of digits fluctuating their movements deep inside of her. All this felt very much like a dream - a sweet, almost painful dream. It wasn't long before Hikari's skirt and panties slipped down her legs, and there was no objection. Even to the point of Natane herself beginning to undress.

As they switched (with Natane now lying down), she lifted Hikari by her sides and pressed their waists together. After carefully fixing their legs, friction began to take place. And damn, was it good.

What am I doing. . ? I don't want to do this! No . . . no . . ! This isn't good, this can't be good! But it's so. . !

Through all the vertigo that was going on, Hikari didn't realize that her cries of confusion eventually turned into moans of enjoyment. Natane was following suit - it was really that good! But Hikari was so weak. Her erratic pleasure calls were overpowering her partner's by far. Each time the sound barrier was broken, Natane had sped up the rubbing. By now, their two fleshy beads were pulsing.

Just stay right there. Mm. . . ride me just like that. It's really good, my sweet. And trust me - you'll receive ten-fold.

Hikari was de-flowered on a bed of flowers.
Tags: adult, pokemon

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