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There's Always Someone (If He Is Gone) [Naruto]

Title: There's Always Someone (If He Is Gone)
Author: Me, razzberridust (beta'd by dark_soul_atemu)
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Naruto, Sakura/Hinata
Warnings: Femslash, PWP
Word Count: 1,897
Summary: Naruto has left for some major training with Jiraiya. After two years and three months, Hinata's starting to question how much longer it will be until Naruto returns. Sakura, feeling sympathetic, welcomes Hinata's feelings and eventually takes advantage of them. . .
A/N: Was in the mood for some yuri, and knowing my beloved Naruto fandom doesn't have enough of it, I thought I'd write it up and share. =D

"Train. . . training?"

The deep red sun was just about to end the day on Konohagakure. Unlike the afternoons and mornings, the citizens wandering the village began depleting. The soundless night was about to settle in. It would not, however, until these two young shinobi departed: Naruto and Hinata.

"Yup! Now that I'm all healed, I'm gonna trainer harder than before!" Naruto pointed ecstatically to the skies. "By the time I'm finished, Granny Tsunade will be begging for me to take her place!"

Hinata knew the deeper meaning to this right away. Hard training meant to learn. To learn you need to be presented something unfamiliar, which meant that Naruto would be. . .

"Does that mean. . ." Hinata began shyly. "You're. . . leaving?"

Naruto rested his hands on the girl's petite shoulders. For someone that was always out and about, he was able to collect his cool for this moment. "Yeah, but I won't be gone for long."

* * * * * * * ( 2 years, 3 months later ) * * * * * * *

"Excellent work as always you three. Keep it up when we see each other again in two days. Goodbye for now." The regular training ended for Team Eight right on schedule. The four separated after their individual farewells. The four in question included the girl that bid farewell to the fool on his training adventure.

Hinata walked onto the path of Ichiraku Street while on the way home. On the street were many buildings, a couple merchants, and with a few visitors, the ramen shop. The ramen shop. . .

It has been a couple years already. . . Hinata thought. I knew Naruto was going to be gone for a while, I just didn't expect it to be this long. But knowing how I feel about him. . . I should be prepared to wait! Tomorrow, the next week or the next decade, I'll wait for his return.


"Hunh. . ?"

After all that dazing off thinking about Naruto, Hinata at first didn't recognize who addressed her until she looked up. It was Sakura, a fellow shinobi.

"O-oh, hi."

"How have you been? Training just ended for you as well?"

"Yes, we finished a few minutes ago. . . how is training with the Hokage?"

Sakura flipped her bangs a little. "It's tough, harder than any training I've ever had. But it's no problem." Her eyes wandered to Hinata's dark, smooth locks. "Hey, you're growing your hair out? Its coming along really nicely."

Hinata nervously stroked her hair almost as if she were hiding it. It was coming down to below her shoulder- blades now. "Y-yes, I guess it's nice. . ."

"Well, it's getting dark. You want to have some tea at my place? It's been a little lonely."

"Sure. . ."

At Sakura's apartment, Hinata was seated as the hostess spent her minutes in the kitchen. By the time dusk became night, the sound of the desirable herb-filled liquid being poured was heard. It dripped slowly, for the first time Sakura had dropped one of the filled cups. After she was done, she brought over the two servings of tea on a tray. The first one went to her guest. "Here you go."

"Thank you. . ." Hinata's quiet voice was barely heard as the heat of the tea was brought to her mouth. Sakura took a seat next to her, following suit with her tea as well. "So, how's things been going for you?"

Hot steam wafted away as Hinata brought her cup away. "Every thing's alright, I guess. . ."

"Hm? I can see, but you're looking a little down." Sakura tilted her head a little in curiosity. "Is there something bothering you?"

Yes, there is something bothering me. Naruto's been gone for so long. And this is only a couple years. What if he's gone for another, and another and so on? How much is he going to change in that time? And will all those changes be good. . ? I tell myself I have to wait for him, but I fear my waiting will be for nothing. Wait and lose, or lose and keep? I don't know anymore. . . all I know is that I have to stay strong. . .

"N-nothing, it's just. . . I guess you could say I'm missing someone right now. . ."

"Ah," Sakura nodded. Her tea wavered across the viscus of the cup as she moved it a little. She too was thinking, and she too was missing someone.

Hinata, I know how you feel. I'm missing someone too. And I don't even know if they're going to come back - anytime soon, or anytime at all. Not only is he away from me, but I think he's making so many changes. So many mistakes. . . I'm almost afraid to see him myself. He might be. . . Sasuke might be. . .



The young ninja's body shivered as did the gleam in her saddened eyes. Hiding her feelings were futile, as one tear dripped onto her thigh. "O-oh. . . I'm not c-crying. . . nothing's wrong. . . nothing's wrong. . !"

Sakura had never seen anyone like this. She herself had been tearing up inside because of Sasuke's absence, but she had never broken down like this in front of someone else. It was for sure - Hinata was sick without her desire and love. Cradling her friend's heart, Sakura wrapped Hinata in an embrace of reassurance. Rubbing her back gently with a motherly hand. Holding on like she were the only strip of sympathy left on Earth. "Shh, every thing's okay. . ."

The soft yet tragic weeping on Sakura's shoulder brought her to look down at her distraught friend. That same gentle hand on her back came up to stroke her hair, which was as smooth as silk. Her sad silver eyes with liquid diamonds dripping every now and then. And without warning, those soft lovely lips that were kissed upon. . .

A shriek came from Hinata as she looked up at Sakura, completely dumbfounded. "Wh-why?!"

The pink-haired culprit herself didn't know why. Why would she deliberately share her lips with someone she didn't even love? Why at this time when sorrow was the atmosphere? Why did I. . ?

"Because," Sakura's lips moved slowly. "It's about time."

Hinata screamed as she was forced against the wall, only to be silenced by another girl's lips. And saliva. And tongue. She struggled endlessly, and with her struggles, Sakura was only more so encouraged to quicken the pace of her kisses. Yet through all of it, Hinata was only a fool to struggle her hardest.

Why is she doing this to me?! Why? I haven't done anything wrong. . !"

That indeed, but that was only for the moment.

Why. . ? Why . . . Why does this feel good. . ! It's so wrong. . .

Following up with her words, Hinata's struggle came to an end. Her body simply stood still and took the kisses, then eventually pulling herself closer and joining in. There was no use resisting, it was just too good. Knowing that her unexpected lust partner had came around, Sakura made her kisses (and tongue) deeper and deeper. As they got the last few kisses in, Sakura pulled her lips away. The thread of saliva left between them was sucked up by her. Finally, a moment of silence between them.

This can't. . . be . . .

Sakura, in such a nonchalant manner, fixated her eyes lower from Hinata's face and below her neck. "You know, your breasts have developed really nicely too. I've always been so jealous on how big they are. . ." A firm palm wrapped around her left breast. "How very big they are. . ."

Hinata was tempted to shriek like before. But she had to admit, everything that was going on here was so new and unknown to her. She didn't know how it worked, but it felt so good. All she had to do was close her eyes and every thing would be taken care of. "R-really. . ? Thank. . . thank you. . ." She was nervous no doubt with her friend caressing both her breasts now, and especially when her shirt was lifted all the way off. But she swore not to make a sound.

"Just as I thought," Sakura sounded like she just hit the jackpot. "Your breasts are so gorgeous and full, and those delicious, mmf!" she wrapped her lips around Hinata's nipple, now beginning to stiffen up from the shock. "A-ahh. . ." Hinata's moans repeated along with the movement of Sakura's tongue, licking so articulately she could've spelt out the alphabet. "Ahh-ah. . !" It wasn't too long before Hinata got shaky. She was always sensitive, after all.

In this fiery moment of pleasure, she pushed Sakura's head in further. Her fingers tightened into her hair, her moans more intense. But Sakura knew this was too soon. "I'll stop for now, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves."

Surprisingly, Hinata felt empty. This obviously meant that she was disapointed. About what, you ask? Disappointed that she wasn't able to come at the moment.

"I know, I know." Sakura almost had read her mind. "But there's more, under here. . . " she said as she slowly pulled down her pants and panties, leaving her naked. As she let her exposed Sakura took off her own clothes. "So Hinata, have you ever heard of something called sixty-nine?"

Sixty-nine. Just the name of the unknown act itself brought some fear to Hinata and her innocence. "N-no. . . what is it. . ?"

"I'll show you. Lay down."

Following her words, Hinata reluctantly laid her back on the floor. Her shivers, whether it was from the cold or from fear, would just increase her temptation. Sakura stood over her, except she was turned away. Then she lowered herself, both of their faces close to their. . . that place.

"Its so pretty," Sakura complimented. "So appealing, soft. . ." she spread it apart. "So tasty looking. . .mmf. . !"

"A-ahh. . !" That was the big one. Its no place other than there that a girl is so sensitive. Hinata being so sensitive already gives her no exception. She couldn't resist moaning as she felt that warm tongue circling on her clit. Without clinging to Sakura's legs, she would start passing out from the pleasure.

Sakura stopped for a moment to turn her head. "You have to do it too, you know," was what she said before she pressed her tongue back to where it was.

M-m-me too?!

It was what she feared. She had to participate in the forbidden act as well? And even if it weren't forbidden, what if she was terrible at it? What if Sakura would stop doing this to her if she did it wrong?

"A-ah ahh!"

No matter now, Hinata had no choice. If she didn't at least try, this mindless lust would end for good. Slowly, she wrapped her lips like how it felt on her.

"Ohh. . ! Good. . ."

Both their tongues began to spiral around their love buttons, eventually turning into love marbles. Hinata was a little sloppy because of her reluctance, but Sakura's moans spoke for her achievement. Every thing was so warm and right.

"Faster. . !"

At the speed of propellers, their wet tongues were in unison now. Faster and faster, hotter and hotter, no force on Earth could stop them here. This was the point where there was no turning back. The gears were turning without any barriers. Like the gears, it was the mission. It was the purpose to do this. They had to. They had to.

"S-Sakura, I can't take it anymore! I. . !"

"I know, me neither! Please! Yes. . !"

"A-aaahh. ! !"

And it happened as every person predicts - for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.
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