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Poem: "Rainbow Wall"

Another poem.

Standing here,
The skies are heaven.
My world is heavenly.
Kissing cheeks,
Kissing lips,
Kissing any shred of sorrow farewell.
The rainbow fibers of joy,
falling on us,
nothing could ever be better.

Yet along the spectrum,
The other side.
The colors, overturned by rain.
Not that of happiness,
In which causes kisses to cheeks and lips.
The black skies and silver drips.
Could you believe this was just steps away?

There you find,
Just for a moment, without a smile.
You'll see more frowns to greet you.
A hand, a wave, a sign of hope.
You are denied,
(just like how they were)
Of any word nor reply.

Moving forward,
Almost as if the grey were leaking to you.
Your once failed hand approaches the spectrum.
Once failed, now twice.
A pain engulfs your wrist.
Denied once, now twice.
You are not allowed to cross.

You glance once more,
The victim staring into your eyes with despair.
Your soul splits in half,
And so does your smile.
It is another day you are dragged back.
Another day you came back to your side without straying too far.
You wait until you can no longer.

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