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Hidden Tales: Fields of Lavender, Ch. 1

Title: Hidden Tales: Fields of Lavender (1/10)
Author: razzberridust
Beta: dark_soul_atemu
Character/Pairing/Group: Kakashi, Sakura. Also including Jiraiya, Hinata and Ino.
Word Count: 1268
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As Kakashi is reading his book like always, he stumbles on the women's changing room.
Disclaimer: Naruto and all its characters/concepts are © Masashi Kishimoto. I'm not doing this for profit, simply for benefiting the fanbase.
Warning(s): Nudity, slight sexual themes
A/N: For 10_themes, table 10, Voyeurism. Constructive criticism is allowed. No claiming any of this work as your own. If you read, its required to comment. Watch the community if you like what you see. =3


So, you are ready.

...yes. Yes, I am...

He didn't imagine for it to go this far, nor did he intend it to either. He just wished for what many of us did - a moment of pleasure, a flash of ecstacy, a second of desire. But the thing that bothered him was that this was even better what he wished for. Not simply a moment, but rhythmic pulses that led him to heaven with each step. Neither pressure or grip, but embrace into what felt like the wide open skies. This was the infamous copy ninja we were talking about, right? Such a practiced and mature man was able to dodge the quickest attacks in the world. Therefore, he was able to dodge the sly enemy named Temptation, correct? Indeed he was. But Temptation is renamed Innocence if the one he desires is willing to submit.

Our fore mentioned copycat however did not follow Temptation with haste. He was a responsible man with morals. It was only when he became a fool that he took her. This is a tale of a desiring man transforming into a lovesick man, a tale of a lustful young lady transforming into a tender woman. A word of warning, the transformation is staggering. Many desires and pleasures must be serviced prior to the flight of the lovers...


Such a wonderful day it was. If all the gods and goddesses of history were to choose a moment to be wed, they would've chosen this day from 5000 years beforehand. A spar in this day for those of Konohagakure would be a breeze, for the bloated green leaves would protect them just like their home. Children of all the homes gathered around in many spots to play their common games. Wives hummed happily as they laid their laundry out to dry. There were groups of men sitting at tables to enjoy conversation over some yakitori and drinks. The best thing of all on this day? During this time of day, enjoyment couldn't get any better than reading diligently from the book you enjoy the most. If the book in question has adult contents? Stuff your face in it.

This activity was at least being covered continuously by one man. In fact, he couldn't be complete without it on his person. It was at this time of day precisely he would indulge himself with it while sitting nearby a stream. Read, read, page turn. Read, read, page turn. He did this so monotonously as if he were convincing young eyes that it was a "stupid, boring book for grown-ups". Despite what was shown on his exterior, he enjoyed it more than you think. His dirtiness was simply watered down by his intelligence and maturity.

"A lack of intelligence and maturity, sometimes," Kakashi muttered to himself as he looked away from his book. He was watching another man that squatted nearby the stream. This stream lead away from the women's hot spring, so it only proved who the stranger was. He was no stranger to Kakashi, he was the peeping tom known none other than Jiraiya.

With a pair of binoculars in hand, the perverted older man observed the distant figures in the water. "Oh this is the good stuff! Mm-mm!"

It's times like these that Kakashi wishes his face would show his thoughts. This old man tutored my tutor - sometimes miracles happen, echoed in his mind. Not to let it bother him too much, his eyes returned to Icha Icha Tactics.

Kakashi's return of attention to his book seemed to be foolproof. He continued reading for what felt like ten minutes to him. In reality, the sun's image lowered three inches towards the west if you looked from your own view. Finally, the copy ninja met his reading quota for today. His chapter was covered with satisfaction. After closing his book he looked up again to see if Jiraiya was still attempting to see some "action". To his surprise, the only thing he saw was the cerulean of the flowing stream.

A deep sigh - almost in disappointment. Kakashi was about to stand up to leave until a change in the sounds around him occured...

"Oh, that was an amazing bath!"

"Yeah, it sure was relaxing~"


All of those voices were familiar to Kakashi. They were all voices of students, but one of them stuck out the most. Ah! They were the voices of Hinata, Ino and...Sakura. Without thinking, Kakashi walked closer to where the voice was coming from. Unbelievably, Jiraiya missed the fact that he was sitting right next to the changing room. Kakashi lowered his head to listen more on what they had to say. But not just all of them...

"Did you believe the salts they let us use? Its as if we were getting special treatment! Maybe one of the servicemen likes me~" Ino swooned.

"Come off it, they were just doing their job!" Sakura giggled when she meant to scold her.

"Hm, but it was the truth! None of the other ladies got to use the special bath salt they gave us."

When Sakura laughed a little, Kakashi suddenly turned his head. Not only did he think about hearing her, but seeing her. He stealthily made a small hole in the wall with his kunai, not even considering what he was doing. Once he a good view, he had all eyes and ears on his student.

"Maybe we were just their 100th set of customers for the week."

"If you say so, I think we got it because of Hinata's gigantic boobs!" Ino grinned.

"N-no..!" Hinata turned away, blushing madly as she tightened her grip on her towel.

Ino laughed. "I'm just playing, Hinata. After all, its either you or me that could be getting the special treatment. No way old Sakura here could be the one!" she pointed, lighting another fire that was cause for argument.

"Hey!" Sakura raged. "I wouldn't be talking if I were you!"


In her pure fury, she didn't realize that her body's tension loosened her towel that eventually gave way. Her entire body was exposed. And her sensei saw the whole thing. While the steam made some of Sakura hard to see, Kakashi could barely make out the outline of her figure. Her bare shoulders, joining beautifully with her luscious neck. Her undressed breasts, still moistened from the spring of goddesses. Her naked hips, wide enough to name her Woman. To think that this was Kakashi's student, he hadn't seen it before: Sakura has indeed grown up more than she appeared.

"Ah...n-no!" Sakura covered herself again, hiding away from Ino's laughter and Hinata's surprised gawking. "Just forget it..!"

"Alright, alright, its forg--..." Ino paused before she finished what she had to say.

"What is it?"

"I'm not sure, but I thought I heard something," she said lowly while looking around. It didn't take her long to spot the hole in the wall. "Hey, look at that!" she pointed. "We should close that up, someone could peep on us. Maybe someone was already doing that!"

With a ready fist behind her back, Sakura carefully looked into the opening to see if anyone was there. While she looked at all the angles possible she failed to spot any culprits. The stream and the grass, that was all.

"Huh," she relaxed. "I guess this was just a flaw in the building. Oh well, let's cover it up."

The girls helped to fix the opening in the wall. As they did, Kakashi opened his Icha Icha Tactics in the field once again.
Tags: adult, challenge, naruto, romance

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