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"Scarlet Beauties" - Chapter One

Title: Scarlet Beauties
Author: razzberridust
Genre: Adaptation, Adventure, Romance
Rating: PG-13 for violence and eventual sexual concepts
Word Count: 1054
Summary: Tokita and Nobu are introduced while reading a message from their friend Yurie.
Disclaimer: Concepts of story/inspiration from Romeo and Juliet is credited to William Shakespeare. However, all character names, personalities, locations and altered story belongs to me.
Previous Chapters:

::1477 - Japan::

Once upon a time, the homeland of Japan was ridden with evil entities. These entities were known across the land, and their names were vengeance and bloodlust. Both of these dark creatures enveloped several people of Japan. The shares were common, but the men far in and far out of the government attained the hardest hit. Wars from both sides of the country were held, and many more during this time were under way.

Soldiers fought these wars outside the government alongside citizens while daimyos and the emperor fought the wars inside of it. However, there was a single party that could not be burdened by these tasteless duties: the ninja. They are not seen by all and are even a rumor to some because their service audience is very limited. Ninja carry out all acts of espionage from the simple attainment of information to a gruesome assassination. Never underestimate one.

Rarely does anyone become skilled in this art, let alone utilize the basic skills. But there has been one ninja I know very well, which happens to be the son of my best friend. This boy...no, this young man! I remember he is an Ueda by the name of Tokita. He has a ninja's blood flowing through him, alright. Tokita never wished to work but only train himself. He put all his energy into strengthening his body and mind. By age of 14, he was offered the special training necessary to become his dream.

I was assured to myself that when Tokita was aged 21, he was living the life of Japan. A hard-working husband with a family by his side...

But I was wrong.

::1462 - Japan::

The outskirts of the village - silent. The grass, the dirt, the sky, the wind. It all fit together so well, with no sound to disturb it. Until...now, as swift feet practically murders the green blades from the anxiety of the traveler. It was obvious here that this man was being pursued.

A heavy yet rapid breath exasperated his lungs as the man ran with all his might, carrying a scroll to his back. He clenched his hands to the straps holding this package tightly while his view of the earth zipped through with his feet. Many steps later, he looked behind him and slowly came to a stop.

Looking into the fair mist of the evening, the man searched all around for the one chasing after him. It would only be natural for this sort of person. After all, criminals have a fancy for running and covering their tracks. Left, right, ahead...okay, the coast is clear.

"Ah..." the man sighed as the feeling of safety came back to him. "Its good they didn't catch me, I wouldn't want anyone to get a hold of this information."

His wishes all for naught, as a mere pebble dropped onto the ground.

Faster than a tiger, the unlucky man's pursuer pulled tightly. Two wound sashes of cloth wrapped around the perp's waist and was then lifted upwards towards the trees. "What is this?!" he screamed from the surprise.

It was then a figure in a short kimono as blue as the night sky slowly wrapped his legs and arms around one of the sashes, quickly crawling towards the center where their target was. With a sleight of hand and a small blade, he cut the straps holding the scroll and caught it in his palm.

"I believe that stealing scrolls from the emperor costs you your life," he said. This here, Tokita's first spoken words to you, my faithful listener.

The young ninja jumped down to the ground, looking up at the target's distraught expression. He was mumbling since he now knew that he could not escape from his punishment of death. Tokita looked over to his allies, also of his kind.

"Wrap him up in the cloth after feeding him that leaf."

One of the ninjas did so and forced the leaf into the criminal's mouth, until his eyes slowly closed into a slumber. However, the other walked very casually to Tokita.

"Well wasn't that very annoying? Not a problem for you, eh Tokita?" This ninja was of Hidachi by the name of Nobu. He was Tokita's partner and best friend.

"Stop it, Nobu." he shrugged off.

"Stop it you say? Come now, you're always so grumpy. And especially grumpy today, what's gotten into you?" he said as he patted his friend's back.

"I'm not angry, I'm just not like you."

Nobu chuckled a little as his friend returned with witty response. "Haha, you just made me remember that you're a grown man yet you don't have a wife and child!" he stated so bluntly. "Listen though," Nobu faced him. "I got a message from Yurie just yesterday. You want me to read it to you?"

"Yurie," Tokita repeated. "You mean he's already settled in Denmark?"

"Yes, now let me read!" Nobu exclaimed, then clearing his throat as he took out a crumpled paper and read the somewhat readable kana. " 'Nobu and Tokita, I have now found my own resting place in this country of Denmark. It was very hard, but my hard working skills was able to get me through. I am currently living a happy life here with my new young wife Lisa. The culture is extremely different!' "

" 'However, I must of course say some bad news. Lisa works for a messenger post, and she has given me news of distress for Japan: a criminal ship is headed towards Japan in search of cloth and other rich resources. They are very dangerous because the ship was a stolen privateer. I suggest you use a raft of some sort and check the Japanese waters for these criminals. Details on this ship aren't very clear, so don't be too rash.' "

" 'Be careful and remember that you are the wily and unstoppable ninja. You, my friends, will be wished luck. Nigikuwa, Yurie.' "

Tokita looked back at his friend. "Pirates, he means?" he questioned.

"Looks like it! We're gonna catch our leader some filthy thieves! You think that this ship in question might have some women? I know you're gonna need some." Nobu smirked.

"Be quiet," Tokita shrugged off again. "This way of life is my woman, and I'll never give that up..."
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