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"Scarlet Beauties" - Prologue

Crappy prologue is crappy...DX

Title: Scarlet Beauties
Author: razzberridust
Genre: Adaptation, Adventure, Romance
Rating: PG-13 for violence and eventual sexual concepts
Summary: The prologue to "Scarlet Beauties"
Disclaimer: Concepts of story/inspiration from Romeo and Juliet is credited to William Shakespeare. However, all character names, personalities, locations and altered story belongs to me.

::1947 - Kamakura, Japan::

For us, the Japanese, it was a very restricted time in the Sengoku period. Many indulgent necessities placed a plague onto our life, or so our government had expressed. The civil wars were very violent and staggering as well. However this does not mean we are not free. The people who are faithful to Japan can be happiest when the country as a whole is. Our tradition is tradition itself: to keep our culture alive, to repeat what is natural to us so our lifestyle does become extinct. Yet even after so many years of existence and keeping our tradition alive, we are evolving by observing the strides of Europe and the Americans! Now we have even got our own constitution just like how the United States does.

Me and my continuously great-grandfather definitely have lived in very different times. How I wish I could have lived then. My own grandfather has told me of a story he heard from his grandfather, and was passed down from that certain great-grandfather. It may be vague to me, but...

You are the lucky one to hear this story told once again.
Tags: prologue, scarlet beauties

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